Upping your game with Amazon A+ Content


A good product description on Amazon can be the difference between a customer choosing to buy or choosing to head somewhere else. But as we know, being faced with a big block of text can be off-putting. With just 10 seconds to grab a customer’s attention, how can we make a product description more engaging?

What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content is a tool offered by Amazon that allows you to enhance your product description with additional media. This means you can use their existing templates to create a product description that looks more like a webpage. It can include headers, images, videos, infographics and more. A+ Content helps make a usually bland section more visually intriguing. Should a customer be interested enough to scroll down to the reviews, they’ll be wowed by your product description on the way rather than skimming straight past.


An example of A+ Content created by Brand Monkey.

What sort of things can I include?

All the things you’d normally include in a product description of course! Elaborate on your five featured bullet points at the top of your listing, answer some of the most frequently asked questions about your product and tell customers more about your brand’s history. People also love using comparison charts and bullet point lists in this section. The more visual, eye-catching and unique you can make it the better.

It’s also a great opportunity to chuck in those all important keywords. Make sure you still add a bit of personality in, otherwise it’s obvious to readers you’ve just created something for SEO purposes. Check out our previous post on how to write a killer Amazon listing for more tips on this.

Brand Monkey top tip

Don’t forget to add alt-text to your images – a simple sentence describing the picture. It helps with search engine optimisation plus it’s a potential place to add extra keywords.


A+ Content is a more eye-catching, visual representation of your brand.

Who can use the Amazon A+ Content tool?

To gain access to this worthy tool, you’ll need to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry. Once done, you’ll be able to create A+ Content for all your ASINs and have up to 20 pending submissions in review at one time.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes! Enhancing your content with this tool can:

  • Provide better visual engagement
  • Reduce return rates as you can provide more details on usability and setup
  • Improve your sales by up to 5%!

Including A+ Content may help drive more rapid buying decisions, especially as it makes your brand and listings look more polished and professional. Trust and reliability is a huge factor when people make purchasing decisions, so the more you can do to give a good first impression the better.

If it’s something that’s been on your to do list for a while but you just haven’t got round to it, get in touch with us. Our experts are on hand to give advice and take the load so you can focus on building your brand.