3 easy ways to elevate your Amazon listing


If your Amazon listing isn’t getting you anywhere, it might be in need of a refresh. Here at Brand Monkey, we’ve had a lot of experience creating killer content, so here are 3 easy ways that you can elevate your Amazon listing.

1. Make the bullet points exciting

Once a customer has landed on your Amazon listing, you’ve only got about 10 seconds to keep them there. One of the first things people see are the bullet points, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get across the main features of your product. Try not to just put short facts or the bare minimum, tempting as it is. It’s much more inviting as a reader when you add a bit of depth. Think of what your customer may have searched for and use the bullet points to answer their questions or ‘pain points’.



Our copy for the Corey Tripod by 3 Legged Thing – it’s full and factual!

A great example are these bullet points for the Corey Tripod from 3 Legged Thing, written by us. We’ve managed to get across a lot of the desirable features of the product that photographers would be interested in hearing about – there are many! However, we’ve not just listed them as straight facts as that would be boring. We’ve fleshed out each bullet point in a way that’s easy to read and puts across an exciting voice, making it more engaging and professional.

2. Use high quality images

Nothing turns a prospective buyer away more than low quality images. You may have the most wonderful product but if your images don’t show it at its best, customers will often click away, fickle as we are.

It’s easy to take decent pictures nowadays without breaking the bank just by using mobile phones. Do your images need a refresh? For a little inspiration, we’ve put together a blog on how to create some stand out brand photography – take a look here!


Quality over quantity.

3. Add some personality

Infusing your Amazon listing with some personality is a great way to revive tired or, God forbid, boring copy. It shows that you’re a human being. People love to laugh, so don’t be afraid to include some of your own voice in there, whether that’s in your images, videos or copy. You have to stand out in a crowded market. Adding personality to your listing allows you to approach things from a different perspective and make your mark. For example, who knew that we needed bacon bandages in our lives?

These 3 easy ways to elevate your Amazon listing are a great starting point. For more inspiration, we’ve put together some in depth details that will help you write some killer content – check it out!