Go Green: The benefits of the Climate Pledge Friendly programme

Amazon have been pushing their Climate Pledge Friendly programme for a couple of years now. The hope is to reach The Paris Agreement ten years early and be net zero carbon by 2040. This programme is only a small amount of what they’re doing to reach their goal, so we’ve taken a look at a couple of the benefits of joining.

Promotes you as an eco-conscious brand

3 out of 5 people are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, according to research by GWI. Being eco-conscious is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle for many, and it’s only looking to soar even higher. Sustainability is a shared responsibility, and joining the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative shows Amazon browsers that you’re an eco-conscious brand.

Prime position against the competition

Not only have Amazon’s suggested products recently started favouring eco-friendly offerings, but now it looks like they’re giving prime position to competitors at the top of listings with a new ‘Climate Pledge Friendly Pick’. Below is just one example. Before you’ve even scrolled down the page, Amazon have given a competitor pride of place at the top. Of course they are simply encouraging customers to choose more eco-friendly options – who can blame them! It may be frustrating for other businesses as Amazon are immediately trying to lead customers away from your products, but you can see the draw. Being part of the programme improves the chances of your product being seen.

A Climate Pledge Friendly Pick before the customer has even scrolled.

This certainly leads to the potential of seeing improvements in click-through rate and sales for businesses who are part of the programme. With the ever-increasing competition, perhaps joining is way of increasing your organic reach.

For more information on the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative and how you can qualify, click here. If it all seems a bit confusing, get in touch and we can help!