Amazon introduces a new account health rating feature


Amazon account health is a way of measuring a brand’s performance with things like shipping, product performance, policy adherence, voice of the customer and catalogue management. You can either have good account health, at risk or bad, risking deactivation of your account. Recently, Amazon have taken a new direction in addressing account health related issues.

Making managing your Amazon account easier.

So what’s the new feature?

Recently launched in the UK, EU and Turkey after a few months trialling in the USA, Amazon have introduced a new measurement feature. Their aim is to provide more transparency for sellers to help give them peace of mind when looking at their account health status. In their announcement, they’ve said they hope it will, ‘allow you to spend more time growing your business and delighting customers, and less time worrying about your account health and potential disruption.’

Originally displayed as bad, risk and good, account health is now displayed as a number score from 0-1000 along with colour coding. The scores work as follows:

Red 0-99 = Unhealthy

Yellow 100-199 = At Risk

Green 200-1000 = Healthy

What happens when you get under 200?

If your account falls into the yellow or red, it’s at risk of deactivation. You’ll be able to see exactly what the issues are and be able to prioritise addressing them. If your score is red, you get 7 days to fix any issues before your account is deactivated.

Stating plainly what you need to fix…hopefully!

Now when this came out, it did send a lot of sellers into a bit of a panic. Naturally, most think they’ll be near the 1000 mark. So when you log in and find you’re 1 point away from the ‘At Risk’ category it’s a bit of a shock. Great way to instil a bit of panic!

If this new feature is successful, it’s inevitable that this will be rolled out across the UK at some point. We think the transparency in the long run will probably be effective – once sellers get past the initial shock! Make sure you visit your Account Health page in seller central to check your status.

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